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Southampton based family business, recognised for quality and integrity. Our service is our reputation; This is reflected in our policy. We don't rest on our laurels, and will always look at ways to improve any aspect of our service.

Not just telecoms and reception systems! Qualified with 20+ years of experience in engineering and skills to design, fabricate and mount bracketry, cabinets, catenaries for all sorts of purposes, garden furniture HGV chassis and more...

We design, service, install and commission Radio, TV and CCTV reception system for private residential and commercial properties.

Sales - Don't forget 'Crona Direct', direct Trade & Retail on-line shop to complement our installations.

We do all this and more, with the intention of keeping it simple for customers - From start to finish we want to take the hard work out of whatever it is you need doing. We will try to exceed expectations on quality and service.

For sales information we suggest you visit Crona Direct, and view our range of products, or browse through the services icons below. If you require any advice or further information on our services contact Crona on the contacts page.

Satellite Installations

Satellite installations are intended for properties which require satellite (Freesat) TV outlets.

Terrestrial Installations

Terrestrial installations are intended for properties which require terrestrial (Freeview) TV outlets.

Commercial Installations

Communal Systems are large distribution systems aimed at providing a range of services directly to an outlet in each property.

CCTV Installations

Crona can offer point to point and multipoint CCTV systems for private residential and commercial premises.

European and Motorised

Crona can offer satellite reception to customers based within the UK which request to receive signals from other countries, please see data sheet.

Crona Direct Shop

Introducing Crona Direct, the online web shop. Crona Direct has everything a TV enthusiast needs from receivers, cable, equipment, Flats screens and more!