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RIP analogue, digital is here!

Analogue signals will all eventually go, replaced by stronger digital signals.

Lets take it you have, or are considering buying a receiver, digi-box or TV with a built in digital tuner, the advantages include:

  • > No contract or monthly subscription

  • > Loads more channels

> The little red button on the remote activates the interactive tv functions.

Don't miss a thing, Freeview+, still got the 'Free' bit just like before but with a built in recorder. You can record pause, rewind, fast-forward & more!

If you're used to analogue, Freeview will be an eye opener itself, but take a look at HD, just like before - it's Free, in High Definition!

Currently in the UK: BBC HD, BBC1 HD, ITV1 HD and Channel 4 HD (also Cilirlun HD is available if you live in Wales) are the only available broadcasts but as time goes on there will be Freeview HD channels popping up all over the place!


Depending on how much you spend there's a multitude of functions available.

If you see a green button appear in a trailer, press the green button on your remote to record the whole series in up-to five times more detail than standard definition with stunning picture quality, clarity and sharpness.

Digital receivers are available from an independent retailer like Crona Direct or some subscription channel providers.


ESPN - One of the leading sports entertainment providers

BT Vision (From £4 per Month) - Provider of leading entertainment packages

With Freeview+HD you can watch loads of channels and On Demand TV from the BBC through BBC Iplayer, as if that's not enough, you can also pause, rewind and record live HD television! All Subscription free!


If you thinking of getting Freeview services or would just like to know more information about what's available call us for a friendly one-to-one chat or a no obligation quote.

Freeview channel guide here