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Closed Circuit Television


Crona can provide CCTV solutions for private and businesses customers alike. Using trusted manufactures, our CCTV systems are designed and implimented to customer specifications; everything from the viewing lens of a specific camera to motion detection, video content analisys, number of monitors and more!


Crona can design and build comprehencive systems for a wide range of applications, from single camera domestic systems to large 256 camera commercial systems.

The fundimental layout of coaxial based CCTV installations (commercial or domestic) consist of cameras, connected via coax to a 'DVR' (Digital Video Recorder), then to your monitor(s).

The camera images can be recorded on a DVR at a frame rate you desire, depending how long you would like to record for. Generally, the lower the frame rate, the more recording time you have.

IP based survaliance aka IPCCTV is the new alternative to coaxial based systems, similar principles like frame rates and layout are still used though the signal is transmitted purely in a digital format. The funamental differances to IP based systems are quality and quantity.

Even though coaxial systems use a 'Digital Video Recorder', they are primarily transmitted as analogue signals. Meaning the signals have to be converted from analogue to digital mulitple times before you phisically see the end result, these conversions can deteriate picture quality.

IPCCTV is totally digital, therefore not restricted by analogue limitations. The realistic maximum resolution capable from an anaolgue coaxial CCTV system is 540TVL's (about 0.4 megapixals). Currently, upto 21 Megapixel IP based cameras are available, 'super HD'.

IPCCTV allows the ability of combining multiple NVRs (Network Video Recorders) to provide (in theory) an unlimited number of cameras viewable anywhere with a fast broadband connection.


IPCCTV is totally digital! Capable of resolutions above standard CCTV

Both DVR and IP based systems are available to view anywhere in the world that has a broadband connection

Nation Sat

Multipoint CCTV systems allows users to view and record* multiple cameras as if they were just tv channels, directly on their television sets.

The main advantage of this is to enhance saftey amonge your tennets. This is specifically important amonge vunerable tennents in sheltered accomodation and retirement homes, and provides piece of mind in checking who's at the main door of a block of apartments, or viewing activity in a communal car-park.

Currently Crona can only offer multipoint CCTV to customers with a terrestrial reception system, if you have a satellite reception system and are looking to upgrade, please see our commercial installation page.

We can include this system as an addition to a terrestrial reception system installation; additionally, we can provide this system as an optional 'bolt-on' feature to your exisiting reception system.

Any exisiting coaxial camera can be added to the system

You can view upto 16 cameras when combined with your digital terrestial system

Digital recording is available

*Freeview+ boxes have the capability of recording directly from any camera connected